Live Casinos in the UK

Live casinos have captured the imagination of the gamers and gambling enthusiasts in past few years. The very reason for this is that live casinos take the gamers as close to the real casino experience as is possible. The online casinos are constantly trying out new things to improve their live gaming in terms of user experience and entertainment factors.

Casinos in UKFor those who like the experience of playing blackjack, poker or other online casino games live, here are some of the best options available.

Royal Panda

Royal Panda is an online casino that is fairly new to the UK market. However, they have managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the live games category. The live versions of pokers, blackjack and other card games, as well as over a dozen varieties of live roulettes make Royal Panda a perfect platform for live gaming.

It also helps that they deposit up to 200% off your weekly wagers in your casino wallet every Sunday.

BGO Casino

BGO Casino is another new online casino on the UK gaming scene. It has recently shifted its headquarters from Malta to the UK and now it’s a completely British casino. At BGO, you can access live versions of all of your favourite card games. Slots available at BGO are unique and novel, as well.

The best part about gaming live at BGO Casino is that unlike many other competitors, they don’t require you to create a new account for live gaming.

William Hill

One of the champions of online gaming for over a decade now, William Hill is also one of the oldest establishment in the UK casino industry.

At William Hill, over 12 live card games and a range of live roulettes – including immersive roulettes – is available.

Rank Group Gambles Big on Northern Ireland Project

The Rank Group, one of the largest entertainment companies in Europe, has decided to emulate their players and take a large gamble: Development of Northern Ireland’s first casino, despite the fact that casinos remain illegal in the country. In spite of the ban, Rank Group has laid out plans for a casino beyond any it currently operates in the United Kingdom, with features including a game floor, bingo hall, cinema, bars, restaurants, a theatre, and a bowling alley.

rank groupMany believe the Rank Group’s gamble to be quite foolhardy, as current efforts to change Northern Ireland’s existing gambling laws are far from a sure thing. New legislations is on the 2015 assembly schedule, but Nelson McCausland, the nation’s Social Development Minister, insists that the only laws on the table are those meant to minimize the deleterious effects of gambling and ensure EU compliance—nothing that will open the doors to Rank Group’s new facility.

Despite this, Rank Group continues to express optimism and move forward in its efforts. Earlier this year, the group briefed the Belfast City Council on the potential benefits of hosting their newest endeavor, offering the casino up as a creator of jobs, a source of tourism, and a grand addition to the city’s entertainment options.

It remains to be seen whether Rank Group will come out a big winner or go slinking home, and many will be watching legal developments in 2015 quite eagerly to see the outcome.

Join the Summer Heat of the Vegas Pool Parties!

It’s that time of year when the temperature starts rising in Las Vegas and the sexy people come out from their hotel rooms after a night of gambling and partying to head out to the pool. It’s tough to say which pool party is the absolute best but one thing is certain, they are always a good way to spend Las Vegasthe afternoon. No matter what you’re into, Vegas pool parties deliver for daytime fun and a way to escape the heat. Some of the most known Vegas pool parties are at held Wet Republic at the MGM Grand, Bare Pool at the Mirage, Encore Beach Club at the Wynn Encore Resort, Liquid Pool Lounge at Aria, Marquee Dayclub held the Cosmopolitan, Hard Rock Rehab Pool, Tao Beach at the Venetian, and Daylight Beach Club held at the Mandalay Bay.

This happens to coincide with the collegiate spring break for most American universities and also is the unofficial kick off to the summer season for Las Vegas. Things can get busy during these times as people flock to Sin City to enjoy everything that the city has to offer. Most pool parties in Vegas officially open their doors in the beginning of April with a kickoff party featuring world renowned talent and the party really begins to get set off by the first weekend in May.

Bare Pool Lounge – March 13th
Daylight Beach Club – Preview Weekend: March 28th and Grand Opening on April 5th.
Encore Beach Club – March 14th.
Liquid Pool Lounge – March 13th.
Marquee Dayclub – March 7th
Palms Pool/Ditch Fridays – March 17th.
Rehab Pool – The Hard Rock pool opens on March 7th and Rehab will open on April 12th.
Tao Beach – To Be Announced
Wet Republic – Saturday, March 15th

If you’re looking for some fun and adventure in the sun, Vegas pool parties are where you want to be. Here are the prospective opening dates for each of the pool parties in 2014.

Borgata Poker Tournament Canceled Due to Cheating

AHM7XH Playing Cards

The poker world was stunned on Friday, Jan. 17, 2014 when play in the first event of the Borgata Poker Open was suspended due to the discovery of counterfeit chips. The $560-buyin event had already been running at the Atlantic City, New Jersey casino for three days, and the initial field of 4,812 entrants had been reduced to just 27.

Investigation Results

Casino management and the state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement conducted an investigation, which determined that a large number of counterfeit 5,000-denomination chips had been introduced into play by “one or more tournament entrants.” The event was then canceled, though it was determined that the cheating was restricted to that single tournament, and the remainder of the Borgata Poker Open proceeded as planned.

Suspect Arrested

After the cancellation of the tourney, hotel workers at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City discovered a substantial number of counterfeit Borgata chips in a blocked sewer pipe. Investigators found that 42-year-old Christian Lusardi, of Fayetteville, South Carolina, had been staying in the room where the pipes were clogged. He had, by that time, left the hotel after cashing in the tournament. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

Lusardi was discovered in a motel about a week later and apprehended. He was charged with theft by deception, rigging a publicly exhibited contest and criminal attempt. The fate of the prize pool, more than $2 million, remains to be determined; no decision has yet been made by the authorities or casino management.

A Voice of Protest


The Internet Gambling Control act is poised to have a big impact on the world of online poker for many players concerned. Contrary to popular belief, not all members of the gaming community are enthusiastic when it comes to the wide spread of online poker. One particularly loud voice in this conversation is the CEO of the Las Vegas Sands. Sheldon Adelson has made his concern known over this growing industry based on “moral grounds.” His stance on iGaming is clear. He, along with many others, are forming the Coalition to Stop Internet Gaming. As a part of this effort, the organization has drafted what is being called the Internet Gambling Control Act. This “anti-online poker” bill can be found all across the Internet, gaining steam as time moves forward.

This document seeks to do more than impact online poker as well. Certain sections of the text hope to amend The Wire Act and reverse some decisions that have already been made by the Department of Justice. According to the Coalition, their primary aim is to refocus the efforts that have been made in the past to address issues with fraud, money laundering, cyber crime, under-age gaming, and terrorism funding. The bill is rather expansive, outlining a large number of conditions that should go into effect within the first two years of its passing. The majority of these conditions apply directly to studies that will fall on the shoulders of the FBI.

Among the key points to fall under scrutiny with the help of the FBI is the availability of technology that allows individuals to manipulate online poker games and other gaming systems for fraudulent purposes. There is also very clear language that is aimed at redefining the terms set out by the Wire Clarification Act which regulates the use of the Internet in relation to online gaming. While this draft has very serious implications along with some big names at the bottom, it is yet to receive any official type of sponsorship, making it unclear exactly how likely it is to impact the current online poker laws.

A Roll of the Dice

In order to maintain any sort of lead in the online gaming market, organizations across the globe must constantly undergo Blackjack_boardcomplete makeovers to enhance the gaming experience and offer players new kinds of online excitement. Grand Games is reviving its face in the online gaming market in Belgium with the support of its parent company, Aspire Global. Aspire Global is an acknowledged leader in instant, online games, and the change to this part of their organization will increase their standings in this notoriously-tight market for gaming.

A Unique Offering

Grand Games offers a generous amount of games that present players with extremely diverse experiences. Among the more unusual offerings that keeps players coming back are the dice games. These offerings have proven to be local favorites in the region. People are constantly logging on to try their hands at Monte Carlo Dice, AstroDice, Cubis, and Roll the Dice. The new and improved website is part of the Grand Games effort to hone in on player preferences. This change means increasing the efforts that are being poured into dice spinner games in particular.

The Celebration Begins

The updated online look and the greater emphasis on player interaction has become a reason for celebration on the Grand Games site. In order to let players celebrate along with them, the site is offering 25 free spins to anyone logging on to play AstroDice. This game is new to the circuit, making it one of the first promotions designed to introduce players to the fun. The game is played completely online, eliminating the need for players to download and install any type of technology before starting the action. The platform of the site as a whole is simple to navigate, easily leading players to numerous club benefits and regular promotional offers.

Versatility Is A Strength

Grand Games is also proud to bring players free play as they explore the gaming potential that they have to offer. The flash-based gaming platform represents the cutting-edge technology that is becoming more widely available in the Belgium market. This site is fully compatible with tablets and all of the most popular operating systems, including Androids and iPhones.

New Jersey Online Gambling

A five day test run of online gambling has taken place in New Jersey, with companies looking to set up their permanent Gamble-Onlinewebsites over the coming weeks. Over a dozen online casino and sports betting websites are going to offer gambling options to players in the New Jersey area. Poker, slot machines, blackjack, roulette, and other gambling games will be available. There will also be betting on sports games allowed, such as the NFL, NBA and NCAA football.

These games can be played on phones, tablets and laptops/desktops. The registration system is fairly straight forward, but includes location checkers to ensure that players are not from another state. The purpose of this check is to ensure each company has the correct website/server set up to cope with the demands of online gambling.

Senator Raymond Lesniak, a Democrat who was a huge backer of the online gambling bill, says that there is enough legislation to ensure that companies do not bend or break the rules. These rules are there to ensure age limits, and to prevent out of state/country players from using these websites.

He believes that online companies that are based in New Jersey will have a greater sense of transparency, legitimacy and authenticity towards customers. They will gain more business than a company that is set up in Gibraltar or the Isle of Man. The goal is to eventually get such websites operating in many more states, but that could take close to a decade to achieve.

The benefits to New Jersey are huge. Aside from the boost to the state’s economy, which was much needed, there will also be tax advantages for the government. It is said that the state government is going to bring in close to $5 billion extra revenue per year due to this online gambling bill.

This is a historic moment for New Jersey, and for gamblers across the United States. They are the first state to allow online gambling to be legal to citizens who live there. The move is a much needed boost for Atlantic City as well, because the city has been struggling with its gambling proceeds. The profits are no where near as high as they used to be five or ten years ago.

Many of the largest online betting companies in the world are coming to New Jersey, which promises to be great for the state’s economic health going forward. For more info on the benefit to New Jersey of online gambling, click here:

Online Casino Industry In UK Undergoes Attacks From Politicians

LadbrokesScholars in the United Kingdom are going to be taking a closer look at the risks of addiction to online gambling. The studies come after political parties began scrutinizing online casinos due to supposed harmful effects of betting.Labour and Liberal Democrats have been calling out particular companies including William Hill and Ladbrokes, stating that they have been exploiting the less fortunate by targeting them with fixed odds betting terminals. These machines allow people to play casino and slot games including black jack and roulette.

The chief executive of the Responsible Gambling Trust, Marc Etches agrees with these studies, stating that he feels there needs to be an “honest and independent debate” regarding gambling.

The charity that is funding the research on the addictive nature of fixed odd betting terminals plans on branching out with studies that show the impacts of social gambling, online casino gambling, advertising of gaming, and how all of these different facets of the betting world impact youth.

The Responsible Gambling Trust plans to begin raising funds to begin research in April, but the government wants to wait for the FoBT research results before it decides whether any gaming restrictions should be imposed.

Betting groups have enough on their hands as a new 15 per cent tax on the profits they earn from online gambling businesses. This tax has been imposed by the government and goes into effect in December of next year.

Paddy Power, a prominent betting group, released a statement via their chief executive Patrick Kennedy stating that the government should be careful not to over regulate online casinos and other gaming means that reside onshore while off shore bookies are allowed to get away with whatever they please.

Betting groups have also pointed out that previous studies commissioned by government groups have shown UK gambling addiction is not nearly as rampant as some are making it seem.

The most recent study, conducted in 2010 showed that the percentage of adults that were struggling with a gambling addiction had risen to 0.9 percent from 0.6 percent in 2007.

Marc Etches feels that more research is necessary before a real conclusion can be drawn about the effects of online gaming and other methods that provide the public with easy access to betting.

How Spain’s Anti-Smoking Laws May Affect Online Gambling

How Spain's Anti-Smoking Laws May Affect Online GamblingAs Spain revisits its anti-smoking laws, pundits are wondering how this could affect Eurovegas and online gambling. Spain fears that tens of thousands of jobs may be lost and a recession may hit, but this could mean new business for online gaming in Spain. Because of the new change, Eurovegas may relocate to a country that is more smoker-friendly.

European Union (EU) states are considering the prospect of taxing online gaming to bring in more revenue for the country. In fact, they expect millions to be generated. Once it’s legal in Spain, online gaming can replace the casinos in Spain that are banning smoking. Smokers can create the environment that best suits their gambling style when they are in the comfort of their own homes.

The Spanish government has looked to other countries to determine how to set up online gambling. Germany has banned the practice of online gambling, but Spain has looked at their reasons for banning the practice to determine how their program will be structured to avoid online gamblers from breaking the law and creating an underground community. Spain is working hard to regulate the online gambling industry by licensing the online gaming operators. Most of the licenses are valid for five years.

Gaming operators must verify or prove that they are capable of adhering to strict controls and regulations. This prevents minors, and people who are not mentally stable from gambling online. Gaming operators who adhere to the rules will have a greater chance of having their licenses. The online gambling industry will be strictly monitored and controlled.

There are numerous benefits Spain expects to gain from participation in the online gaming community. The Spanish government will benefit from the generation of billions of Euros it needs for taxes annually. Once Spainiards accept online gambling, it could emerge as one of the safest, most lucrative, and most secure online gambling websites in the world.

Bingo: Getting it Done on the Smartphone

More than a few gray haired women played bingo last year for the first time online to have fun, and everything went smooth. The free games offered made the introduction persuasive, and the promotions and bonuses did not hurt. One player commented: “It’s just as affordable as church bingo, and I couldn’t believe it: My granddaughter played – just like in church.”

Bingo Leads to Discovery
Yes, a few online bingo games allow the kids to play. For many elderly people, their bingo days seem over when advanced years keep them from church. With the rise in popularity of online bingo, players can either go online and find bingo or find another game to play. Some have even discovered the social world of the Internet can be rewarding.

Easy Entrance
At first, online bingo games were promotional features, used by advertisers to offer product with online advertising. That paid for the bingo games initially. With time, online bingo took off. The easy entrance is one reason for the popularity. Another is the low cost to play. Some non-gamblers looking for fun have played because the cost is practically nothing.

Players immediately think, Oh, I’ll lose, but it doesn’t mean much. What they find out is that online bingo offers cash prizes and free merchandise. The games run around the clock, and anybody can take a shot.

Strategies to Win
People play and they learn strategies to win. It just makes online bingo a better game for everybody. You can play practically any game online today. Why not bingo?

Smartphones and Online Bingo
Regular people are looking around for bingo games as they kill time and they’re finding today’s technology works wonderfully with online bingo. Smartphones and tablets have made playing online bingo easy for people who take the time to find the games. The Smartphones craze is also providing opportunities for socializing online and trying out new and exciting games.

Bingo: Getting it Done on the Smartphone

If online gaming ever gets boring, people can also try social activities. Smartphones and online bingo compliment each other. Online bingo has become a gateway to many Internet experiences. Perhaps it isn’t just a waste of time.