Brett Angell Wins £115k and Pokerstars Title

This year’s PokerStars UK and Ireland Poker Tour London were won by first time champion Brett Angell who is also an IT consultant and plays poker as a hobby. Nearly 1080 players consisting of both amateurs and poker professionals participated at this event, which is considered the largest poker event in London. Brett is not a regular gambler and regards poker as a game of skill and luck instead of regular source of income. A regular at Teesside Park, Brett honed his talent by playing poker at the Gala Casino every week. His balanced and calm approach to the game is unlike most gamblers who get flustered when they lose and starting wagering larger sums. Brett Angell won the Grand Final Championship title along with an amount of £ 115,083.

Brett Angell

Early career in poker

His interest in poker was kindled by watching his brother play online poker and he used his mathematical abilities to develop his skills. Unlike his brother and others in his immediate friends’ circle who prefer online poker, Brett prefers playing face to face which gives him the liberty of watching expressions and moves of other players. He has developed his poker strategies by gauging cards of other players from their facial expressions and playing only within limitations.

Accolades in poker

Before his most recent win, Brett won £ 80,000 at a poker event in Nottingham during 2011 which he invested in buying up a home in Marske. In August 2014 he won £ 24000 at a poker tournament in Newcastle. Brett also works as a systems analyst at A-One, an IT firm and dabbles in poker for trying out his calculative skills.

Future plans

He has been invited by friends to become a poker professional but is not keen on joining them as the game is unpredictable. He wants to enjoy poker as a game where he can be either a winner or a loser depending on luck and skill. Instead of becoming a diehard poker addict he wants to play poker in Europe on a casual level while holding his regular job.