Become a better Poker player

According to Charlotte Jackson, the casino manager at Maple Casino, this is one of the most frequently asked questions by both novice and experienced players. She offers the following poker tips on improving your game.

–          Play more poker. While there is certainly an element of luck in poker, it requires a considerable amount of skill to be a winning player. This means that once you’ve mastered the basics you have to practise the game. Please visit best high roller casinos and make extra .

– Fold often. Inexperienced players often believe they have to stay in and play every hand but this is an error. Don’t play simply because you’re already in or because you’ve put money into the pot. If your hand isn’t a winning hand then you should fold early.
– Don’t be discouraged. Losing is part of the game but it’s essential to not feel disheartened. Everyone was a beginner at some stage and everyone has bad days, so the key is perseverance.

– Be disciplined. A good poker player has mastered the art of patience. This means that they fold with bad hands and they wait for good hands which they then play aggressively.

– Bluff well. While it’s an essential part of the game, there are no rules when it comes to bluffing. The key is to bluff haphazardly, to keep your opponents in the dark about your hand and your strategy.

–  There are some occasions when playing poker is a bad idea. If you’re feeling particularly angry or upset then your emotions are going to get in the way of your game and you’ll end up losing because you not thinking logically.

– And finally, while it’s perfectly acceptable to have a drink when you play, it’s important to keep sharp which means staying sober.