Dave ‘DevilFish’ Ulliott, The Poker Legend, Is No More

Poker lost a legend on the 6th of April, 2015. Dave “DevilFish” Ulliott lost his prolonged battle to cancer early April, according to one of his eight kids, David, who released the news. He had just turned 61 on the 4th of the month. He was suffering from terminal bowel and liver cancer, and was diagnosed only earlier this year. He leaves behind his wife, Anpaktita and his eight kids, Kerry Lucy, David, Chris, Paul, Steven, Matthew and Mike.

Distinctive and unique playing style popularized Poker in the United Kingdom

Dave “DevilFish” UlliottDave had been around on the world Poker scene for many decades and will be sorely missed by Poker fans, who enjoyed watching him play. He is considered to be the godfather of Poker on the continent. He is known for his flamboyance on television as a live player and for popularizing the game in the UK. He inspired thousands of people to take up Poker through his unique playing style and personality that shone through wherever he went.

He had won the first edition of Late Night Poker, a World Series of Poker bracelet and a World Poker Tour title during his career. Poker fans and fellow players have been asking for his induction into the Poker Hall of Fame for a while now. It could happen posthumously too now, if everything goes well.

A little about Dave “DevilFish” Ulliott

Dave has been on the international Poker scene for close to 46 years, with a strong presence in international live Poker for about 20 years. He had accumulated over $5 million only through his scores in live tournaments and games. He believed that having his family around made life worth it. He loved his family dearly and held them close throughout. They were there with him during his final moments. He is said to have passed away peacefully surrounded by their love.

Revealing All Related to Online Video Poker

For many years, casinos have extended terrific relaxation opportunities, but are now being overtaken by their internet brethren. This article will give a brief summary on why this is a worthy — and profitable — trend to follow. You’ll love the degree to which technology has evolved to fulfil your entertainment needs.

video pokerFor those times when you want to enjoy a flutter but feel rather lazy, a virtual online casino is your answer. You can play any game you want, when you want it, and you don’t even have to be bothered about getting dressed up. At the end of the day, why go to all that bother of waiting for a spot or putting up with other people if you’re in an unsociable mood? Space is at a premium in casinos, as is the time of the staff and the availability of certain games. Online virtual casinos do not have any of these problems. By cutting the Gordian Knot of virtual gambling, all you need to concern yourself with is making sure your PC and net connection are a-OK. Crowds vs privacy, noise vs peace and quiet, atmosphere vs convenience, at the end of the day the choice is entirely yours!

You’ll obviously need to download the package to get rolling. This can make less computer inclined users apprehensive, but it’s usually a huge benefit for you as well. Fortunately you won’t need to keep a web browser window open in order to play, as the download will be much easier to use than a website.

Naturally the games are extremely interactive but will be dependent upon the quality of your PC.

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Online casinos haven’t replaced the real thing but there is definitely a market for them. The creators have made sure that they’re really not that complicated. You won’t be waiting around for hours on end for the program and your deposit to download.

World Series of Poker Review

This year’s edition of the famous World Series of Poker event was a resounding success. 2014 marked the 45th edition of this event, with WSOP taking center stage during the month of November.

2014 WSOPEven though most of the fan and media attention surrounds the November Nine WSOP event, there was a lot of action during the summer as well. From the end of May to the middle of July, some of the best players in the world competed for a shot at the WSOP title. Over 65 different bracelet events took place, with the $10,000 Hold’em Main Event being the star attraction in July.

Five different players managed to win over a million dollars at WSOP in 2014. The biggest winner from this year’s edition was Daniel Colman, who took home over $15 million at the “The Big One for One Drop” event. Martin Jacobson won $10 million for his fantastic performances during the November Nine Hold’em event.

John Hennigan, Hugo Pingray, and Jonathan Dimmig were the three other players whose prize money broke the $1 million barrier. Hennigan’s win came at The Poker Players Championship, while the other two claimed grand prizes at separate hold’em events.

Vanessa Selbst was the most successful woman at world online pokies australia, winning over $900,000 at the Mixed Max No Limit Hold’em. She beat out over 130 entrants to claim the top prize in this event.

The November Nine event in Las Vegas was a huge draw for fans. Televised coverage of the event attracted attention from all over the United States, with Martin Jacobson picking up his first ever WSOP win. Jacobson’s win was all the more remarkable due to his lack of chips at the start of November Nine. Jacobson started the event with only 7% of the chips, but he beat a star studded field to claim the trophy.

Poker Stars Battle for Supremacy

Poker tournaments in the U.K. have given top players a chance to decide who will be the greatest poker champion in the country for 2015. Big names such as Patrick Leonard, Vicente Delgado and Christopher “NigDawG” Brammer are winning tournament after tournament, racking up huge scores and making names for themselves in worldwide poker.

Counterfeit Poker Chips

poker_chipsThe Borgota Winter Open tournament was marred with scandal as 2.7 million pounds in counterfeit chips were found flushed down the toilet in Harrah’s Resort and Casino. Out of 28 players, only one was arrested and removed from the competition, and the winnings were divided among the remaining players. Some survivors were upset over the decision to split the jackpot because they thought it should be given to one or two of the top players rather than to everybody.

Full Tilt Players Repaid

Players of the American casino game Full Tilt had their winnings frozen in their accounts due to computer security issues, but game operators finally paid players back all the winnings owed to them. In all, millions of dollars were held in limbo for several years, and the loss of such a huge bankroll made a very large, negative impact on the gambling economy. The biggest winner in the history of Full Tilt, Blair Hinkle, was one of the players to be reimbursed. Hinkle won more than $1 million just before the payments became frozen, although he managed to win nearly $2 million just a few months later playing in a poker tournament.

European Poker’s First Female Champion

After winning $650,000 in the European Poker Tournament (EPT), Coren Mitchel became the first woman to win the championship twice. She won the London tournament in 2006 and the San Remo tournament in 2014. Recently, she had an endorsement deal with Poker Stars but decided to end the relationship because she didn’t want to promote online casino gambling.

Biggest Winner of the Open-Face Chinese Live Poker

Jennifer Shahade has added another feather to her cap by winning the biggest pen-face Chinese poker tournament. She is already a chess grandmaster and famous for her game. Now with the poker win she has gained fame in the poker community as well.

The tournament

Chinese Poker World ChampionshipThe €10,000 Open-Face Chinese Poker World Championship High Roller was held in Prague at the King’s Casino. It was organised by TonyBet Poker and was attended by 23 players. The number managed to generate a prize pool of €218,500. The amount is said to be the biggest prize pool so far in open-face Chinese (OFC) poker events so far.

The championship was attended by many well-known players like Alexander Kostritsyn, Jason Mercier, Rafi Amit, Sorel Mizzi, and many others. However, it was Shahade who outdid all of these players, some of whom were WSOP players and bracelet winners.

The event broke records for having the highest number of viewer turnout in addition to its high prize money. The tournament was streamed live and it definitely helped the fans to watch the game.

The championship lasted 13 hours and ended with Jennifer Shahade winning €100,000. The final round was played between Shahade and two other players; both of whom were from Russia. Shahade turned out to be the best of all participants. For the winner, it was her biggest buy-in till date.

She was well-known for her chess wins as yet. She is the only woman to win the US Junior Open so far. She is also a two-time winner of women’s US chess championship.

Open-Face Chinese Poker

OFC is a different version of the popular game. However, it has been gaining a fan base of its own of late. In this game players do not receive all their cards at the same time, which makes the game more interesting. The rules are also different than the usual game of poker.

OFC is preferred by professionals on the poker circuit and other high rollers. The statement was proved by the large player and viewer turnout at the recently-concluded OFC event.

Brett Angell Wins £115k and Pokerstars Title

This year’s PokerStars UK and Ireland Poker Tour London were won by first time champion Brett Angell who is also an IT consultant and plays poker as a hobby. Nearly 1080 players consisting of both amateurs and poker professionals participated at this event, which is considered the largest poker event in London. Brett is not a regular gambler and regards poker as a game of skill and luck instead of regular source of income. A regular at Teesside Park, Brett honed his talent by playing poker at the Gala Casino every week. His balanced and calm approach to the game is unlike most gamblers who get flustered when they lose and starting wagering larger sums. Brett Angell won the Grand Final Championship title along with an amount of £ 115,083.

Brett Angell

Early career in poker

His interest in poker was kindled by watching his brother play online poker and he used his mathematical abilities to develop his skills. Unlike his brother and others in his immediate friends’ circle who prefer online poker, Brett prefers playing face to face which gives him the liberty of watching expressions and moves of other players. He has developed his poker strategies by gauging cards of other players from their facial expressions and playing only within limitations.

Accolades in poker

Before his most recent win, Brett won £ 80,000 at a poker event in Nottingham during 2011 which he invested in buying up a home in Marske. In August 2014 he won £ 24000 at a poker tournament in Newcastle. Brett also works as a systems analyst at A-One, an IT firm and dabbles in poker for trying out his calculative skills.

Future plans

He has been invited by friends to become a poker professional but is not keen on joining them as the game is unpredictable. He wants to enjoy poker as a game where he can be either a winner or a loser depending on luck and skill. Instead of becoming a diehard poker addict he wants to play poker in Europe on a casual level while holding his regular job.

Expansion of PokerStars in Spain

The acquisition of PokerStars by Amaya Gaming seems to be going well. The Canadian company always believed there was a lot of untapped potential with this website. They have now decided to expand their operations in Spain, with other countries rumored to be next. Blackjack and Roulette are now available to players in Spain through the website PokerStars.es.

amaya-pokerstarsTheir president had this to say on the matter: “This decision does not mean we are taking our eye off the original ball. We still want to be number one in Spain when it comes to online poker. However, adding these games gives us a chance to bring more quality products to our loyal customers.”

The licenses to operate these games were obtained earlier this year through REEL Spain, a subsidiary of PokerStars in Spain. The President had further comments to make on the news: “Through our research we know that many of our customers want to be able to play other games on our platform. This move ensures that players who prefer an overall casino games package can sign up with PokerStars. We will still cater to our core clientele, while giving them the option to enjoy these two new games.”

With the move in Spain completed, it appears that Amaya Gaming is turning its attention to Italy. They want to add games to the Italian PokerStars website as well. In addition, they want to improve their sponsorship policies in the country. PokerStars has been successful with sponsoring poker tables and rooms at various elite casinos. Poker tables with the PokerStars logo attract attention and business to their website. Adding sponsorship in Italy will boost their business.

Italy should expect a series of online casino games with the PokerStars brand in the coming six months. This transition is being handled by the gaming director of EuroBet, Marco Trucco.

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