Can I practise a poker face?

Many people associate “poker face” with Lady Gaga but this term was around long before the pop singer made it famous. A poker face is one of the most essential and fun features of playing poker but it’s a skill to master and it definitely requires practise. Novice players struggle to contain their expressions when they get a good or bad hand and this makes them an easy target for professionals.pokerface

Part of playing poker is observing your opponents and in order to beat them you need to be able to read their body language. From a subtle raised eyebrow to a faint smile, one of the most valuable lessons in poker is watching the players around you. However, bear in mind that you’re also under scrutiny. For this reasons it’s important to develop a good poker face so that regardless of your hand, your expression remains neutral. Everyone uses different tactics but the essential trick is to control your entire body. It’s no good perfecting the poker face if your voice goes up an octave when you have a winning hand. As with any skill, the more you practise, the better you’ll play.