How Spain’s Anti-Smoking Laws May Affect Online Gambling

How Spain's Anti-Smoking Laws May Affect Online GamblingAs Spain revisits its anti-smoking laws, pundits are wondering how this could affect Eurovegas and online gambling. Spain fears that tens of thousands of jobs may be lost and a recession may hit, but this could mean new business for online gaming in Spain. Because of the new change, Eurovegas may relocate to a country that is more smoker-friendly.

European Union (EU) states are considering the prospect of taxing online gaming to bring in more revenue for the country. In fact, they expect millions to be generated. Once it’s legal in Spain, online gaming can replace the casinos in Spain that are banning smoking. Smokers can create the environment that best suits their gambling style when they are in the comfort of their own homes.

The Spanish government has looked to other countries to determine how to set up online gambling. Germany has banned the practice of online gambling, but Spain has looked at their reasons for banning the practice to determine how their program will be structured to avoid online gamblers from breaking the law and creating an underground community. Spain is working hard to regulate the online gambling industry by licensing the online gaming operators. Most of the licenses are valid for five years.

Gaming operators must verify or prove that they are capable of adhering to strict controls and regulations. This prevents minors, and people who are not mentally stable from gambling online. Gaming operators who adhere to the rules will have a greater chance of having their licenses. The online gambling industry will be strictly monitored and controlled.

There are numerous benefits Spain expects to gain from participation in the online gaming community. The Spanish government will benefit from the generation of billions of Euros it needs for taxes annually. Once Spainiards accept online gambling, it could emerge as one of the safest, most lucrative, and most secure online gambling websites in the world.