A Roll of the Dice

In order to maintain any sort of lead in the online gaming market, organizations across the globe must constantly undergo Blackjack_boardcomplete makeovers to enhance the gaming experience and offer players new kinds of online excitement. Grand Games is reviving its face in the online gaming market in Belgium with the support of its parent company, Aspire Global. Aspire Global is an acknowledged leader in instant, online games, and the change to this part of their organization will increase their standings in this notoriously-tight market for gaming.

A Unique Offering

Grand Games offers a generous amount of games that present players with extremely diverse experiences. Among the more unusual offerings that keeps players coming back are the dice games. These offerings have proven to be local favorites in the region. People are constantly logging on to try their hands at Monte Carlo Dice, AstroDice, Cubis, and Roll the Dice. The new and improved website is part of the Grand Games effort to hone in on player preferences. This change means increasing the efforts that are being poured into dice spinner games in particular.

The Celebration Begins

The updated online look and the greater emphasis on player interaction has become a reason for celebration on the Grand Games site. In order to let players celebrate along with them, the site is offering 25 free spins to anyone logging on to play AstroDice. This game is new to the circuit, making it one of the first promotions designed to introduce players to the fun. The game is played completely online, eliminating the need for players to download and install any type of technology before starting the action. The platform of the site as a whole is simple to navigate, easily leading players to numerous club benefits and regular promotional offers.

Versatility Is A Strength

Grand Games is also proud to bring players free play as they explore the gaming potential that they have to offer. The flash-based gaming platform represents the cutting-edge technology that is becoming more widely available in the Belgium market. This site is fully compatible with tablets and all of the most popular operating systems, including Androids and iPhones.

New Jersey Online Gambling

A five day test run of online gambling has taken place in New Jersey, with companies looking to set up their permanent Gamble-Onlinewebsites over the coming weeks. Over a dozen online casino and sports betting websites are going to offer gambling options to players in the New Jersey area. Poker, slot machines, blackjack, roulette, and other gambling games will be available. There will also be betting on sports games allowed, such as the NFL, NBA and NCAA football.

These games can be played on phones, tablets and laptops/desktops. The registration system is fairly straight forward, but includes location checkers to ensure that players are not from another state. The purpose of this check is to ensure each company has the correct website/server set up to cope with the demands of online gambling.

Senator Raymond Lesniak, a Democrat who was a huge backer of the online gambling bill, says that there is enough legislation to ensure that companies do not bend or break the rules. These rules are there to ensure age limits, and to prevent out of state/country players from using these websites.

He believes that online companies that are based in New Jersey will have a greater sense of transparency, legitimacy and authenticity towards customers. They will gain more business than a company that is set up in Gibraltar or the Isle of Man. The goal is to eventually get such websites operating in many more states, but that could take close to a decade to achieve.

The benefits to New Jersey are huge. Aside from the boost to the state’s economy, which was much needed, there will also be tax advantages for the government. It is said that the state government is going to bring in close to $5 billion extra revenue per year due to this online gambling bill.

This is a historic moment for New Jersey, and for gamblers across the United States. They are the first state to allow online gambling to be legal to citizens who live there. The move is a much needed boost for Atlantic City as well, because the city has been struggling with its gambling proceeds. The profits are no where near as high as they used to be five or ten years ago.

Many of the largest online betting companies in the world are coming to New Jersey, which promises to be great for the state’s economic health going forward. For more info on the benefit to New Jersey of online gambling, click here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/govbeat/wp/2013/12/02/online-gambling-is-good-for-new-jerseys-credit-rating/.

Cashing In on Winning

Cashing In on WinningThe online gaming market is one that can fluctuate quite often, allowing one site to lead the world in revenue one month while the very next month a new gaming platform can come out of the blue as the leader. One of the latest online gaming establishments to claim a victory is Maryland Live! Casino. They have recently generated profits that exceed $55 million. This number placed them well ahead of all other competitors in their region, drawing in gamers from far and wide. Many analysts were surprised by the fact that this establishment was able to pull ahead of Atlantic City and Pennsylvania who are regular champions when it comes to raw revenue in this location.

  • Unexpected Success

The success put Maryland Live ahead of the competition by nearly 16 percent. The results are also unusual due to the fact that this institution is only celebrating its first year in operation as well. They are growing quickly despite the fact that they have only just recently added on the standard slot and table games to the suite of their offerings.

  • Reinvesting Revenue

The boom in revenue is placing Maryland Live in the top rankings of casinos in all of America. Although, they are regularly undergoing construction on their sites in order to accommodate the growth and add new games in order to keep players enticed. At this point in time, they have 50 poker tables and only one dedicated tournament floor. The Cordish Companies are the minds at work behind this growing establishment. They have big plans for the future as well. With the partnership of Greenwood Gaming, they hope to develop a Live! Hotel and Casino in the Stadium District of Philadelphia, a project that is going to cost an estimated $425 million. They have also applied for licensing in Massachusetts with the hope of opening casino locations in this area as well.

  • Big Ideas

The big plans that this entity has in store are being considered in light of the projected revenue and growth that they are currently experiencing. As one of the largest commercial casinos in the country at this point in time, their potential is exceedingly large. The expertise that they are developing and the continued support that they have online bodes well for their future plans.

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