Poker Stars Battle for Supremacy

Poker tournaments in the U.K. have given top players a chance to decide who will be the greatest poker champion in the country for 2015. Big names such as Patrick Leonard, Vicente Delgado and Christopher “NigDawG” Brammer are winning tournament after tournament, racking up huge scores and making names for themselves in worldwide poker.

Counterfeit Poker Chips

poker_chipsThe Borgota Winter Open tournament was marred with scandal as 2.7 million pounds in counterfeit chips were found flushed down the toilet in Harrah’s Resort and Casino. Out of 28 players, only one was arrested and removed from the competition, and the winnings were divided among the remaining players. Some survivors were upset over the decision to split the jackpot because they thought it should be given to one or two of the top players rather than to everybody.

Full Tilt Players Repaid

Players of the American casino game Full Tilt had their winnings frozen in their accounts due to computer security issues, but game operators finally paid players back all the winnings owed to them. In all, millions of dollars were held in limbo for several years, and the loss of such a huge bankroll made a very large, negative impact on the gambling economy. The biggest winner in the history of Full Tilt, Blair Hinkle, was one of the players to be reimbursed. Hinkle won more than $1 million just before the payments became frozen, although he managed to win nearly $2 million just a few months later playing in a poker tournament.

European Poker’s First Female Champion

After winning $650,000 in the European Poker Tournament (EPT), Coren Mitchel became the first woman to win the championship twice. She won the London tournament in 2006 and the San Remo tournament in 2014. Recently, she had an endorsement deal with Poker Stars but decided to end the relationship because she didn’t want to promote online casino gambling.