The Hottest Five on PokerStars’ Social Score

Poker Player

PokerStars has ranked Daniel Negreanu as the topmost power player on social media based on findings of social monitoring tool FollowerWonk. The research was done by studying the gaming patterns of poker players who frequently used online gambling sites and social media to feed their passion for gambling.

Besides Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, the study also used Instagram postings to rank the players. The social media followers of PokerStars rankings around the world were expecting Joe Sebok to be ranked among the top five, but he fell to the 14th place due to his exit from poker.

Topper Negreanu followed by Phil Ivey

PokerStars gave the highest ranking to David Negreanu, as he scored 78 out of 100 on social networks. He has an impressive following of 306,000 on his Twitter account and around 122,000 fans on Facebook, who follow his moves on a daily basis. Though Phil Ivey has more Twitter followers than Negreanu (numbering 957000 in all along with 194000 Facebook fans), Phil lost out to David Negreanu due to lack of comments on his Facebook page. Phil is not a member of PokerStars Pro and does gambling at home during free hours from his full time job.

Liv Boeree

Though a dedicated player, Liv is not very active on YouTube and prefers to use the social networking site Vine for keeping in touch with her fans. This has led to her ranking at 3rd position, since she has 86000 followers on Twitter and 55000 followers on Facebook. There are other players with a greater number of followers on these two sites. However, Liv has managed to keep her ranking due to her positions on FollowerWonk and Likealyzer. Since her activity and the number of followers in Vine were not considered, she could have lost in rankings; her dedicated followers on these two websites more than made up for the lapse.

Joe Hachem

This World Series Poker champ of 2005 has been ranked fourth by PokerStars based on social network followers. Joe Hachem is of Lebanese Australian origin and has 30000 followers on Twitter, followed by 18000 followers on Facebook. He is actively followed on YouTube and Instagram, which has helped in pushing up his ranking to among the top five players in online gambling sites.

Jason Mercier

His lack of activity in YouTube has pushed Jason’s ranking below the top stars to the fifth position, though he has 89000 followers on Twitter and his fans on Facebook number 410000.